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Rowland Carmichael: Scottsdale Wealth Managers


Our Story

Put the Client First

Rowland Carmichael’s long-term approach to wealth management, investing and financial planning reflects a quarter-century commitment to placing your interests ahead of ours.



Operations Staff

Janice Lee Orick • Wendy Clouser • Kristin Greenleaf
Dawn Santeford • Tina Martinicca


Our Wealth Management Philosophy

  • Investing is for achieving long-term goals.

  • Broad diversification serves to control risk.

  • Disciplined rebalancing minimizes emotion-driven trading.

  • Happy clients are informed, and delegate the details to a trusted advisor.

An Alternative to the Wall Street Culture

Rowland Carmichael traces its roots to the early 1980s, when Tim Rowland and David Carmichael worked together as stock brokers at a major Wall Street investment firm. The work environment was not a good fit for either of them, as the Wall Street culture focused more on what was best for the firm and the stockbroker than for their clients. That firm had a saying: “The firm made money, and the broker made money. Two out of three ain’t bad.”

In the absence of an established investment firm with compatible values for client service and results, Tim and David set out on their own in 1987, founding a Phoenix investment firm that would become Rowland Carmichael Advisors, Inc., now headquartered in downtown Scottsdale.

Their business plan was simple: “Put the client first,” and replace the commission-based broker compensation model with a fairer and more client-friendly fee-based system. That plan appealed to Tim and David’s clients, all of whom followed them to the new firm.

Of further value to clients was the fact that Tim and David were no longer limited to offering the proprietary products of a particular investment firm; rather, they were free to select from the best investment solutions available. They were also free to pursue top-tier investment talent, an ongoing quest designed to ensure that the founders’ client-first values would be perpetuated to the next generation of ownership and service.

Wealth Management: The "Big Picture" for Investing

As Rowland Carmichael has evolved, so has the scope of our services. Our long-term commitment to listening to clients and concentrating on their objectives revealed a growing need for effective financial planning. As a solid foundation for making investment decisions, financial planning encompasses a diverse array of factors that influence the accumulation of wealth – income, expenses, debt, taxes, insurance, risk management, estate planning, pre-retirement, retirement and, of course, investing – and we studiously consider all of those factors in advising you.

Our clients benefit from our big-picture approach to offering investment advice that respects their long-term priorities for growing, preserving and enjoying their wealth and for sharing their wealth with family members and other beneficiaries.

The Story Is Just Beginning

Our story – much like yours – is far from complete. Just as you have a long-term outlook, we too continue to structure our firm to ensure that Rowland Carmichael’s client-first philosophy and insight will continue to build family wealth, for you, for your children, and for future generations.