Welcoming CJ Smith

I am very pleased to announce CJ Smith has accepted the position of Associate Wealth Manager with Rowland Carmichael Advisors.

She earned her Bachelor of Finance degree and Certificate of International Business in 2005 from Arizona State University. After graduation, CJ traveled the United States while working in the motorcycle industry. She then launched her own company in Chandler and Phoenix, successfully operating it for seven years before joining Rowland Carmichael. CJ is an Arizona native with an entrepreneurial spirit, is an avid motorcyclist, bicyclist, world traveler and private pilot.

CJ views money as a tool that can help build clients’ retirement, their dream home, or their legacy. She wants to help clients see what is in their toolbox, and which tools they can best utilize to build their financial dreams.

When you are in our area, please stop by and meet CJ and tour our new office.