By October 26, 2018News & Community

At Rowland Carmichael, we each wear many hats. Last month, however, we decided to change up our shoes too. Lacing up our bowling shoes, we hit the alley under the team name: Nothin’ But Gutters. Sad to say, we lived up to our name, earning more “0”s than “X”s on our scorecard.

Despite our poor bowling performance, the real win was against ovarian cancer. One of our clients invited us to support an organization active in research efforts, support for women in treatment, and raising awareness for ovarian cancer. This organization, Teal It Up, is near and dear to our client not only as she serves on their board, but as an ovarian cancer survivor herself, in remission since 2015!

One in 79 women will be diagnosed this year with ovarian cancer and 70% of those women will not discover it until it has progressed to stage 3 or stage 4. Teal It Up is working hard to change those statistics and we are thankful for the opportunity to participate in supporting their efforts.

If you would like to support Teal It Up or learn more about the fight against ovarian cancer, you can visit their website at

For now, Rowland Carmichael will hang up the bowling shoes and stick to investments!