Building from Within

By March 22, 2017News & Community

The future for Rowland Carmichael and our clients is enhanced by an expansion of the firm’s ownership.


David Carmichael and Tim Rowland are proud to announce that Corey Bird and Jaron Carmichael have become principals and co-owners of Rowland Carmichael Advisors.

Bringing Corey and Jaron into ownership provides a long-term strategic plan that seeks to meet three essential objectives:

  • perpetuating the firm’s culture and values into the next generation;
  • preserving Rowland Carmichael’s independence; and
  • providing our clients with ongoing financial guidance and management of their investment assets.

Just as our clients have a long-term outlook, Rowland Carmichael continues to structure our firm to ensure that our philosophy will continue to build family wealth and financial independence for our clients, their children, and future generations.

We hope you share our enthusiasm for these positive changes as we position our firm to meet your needs long term.