Every Box of Food Has a Face

17bWednesday morning, May 10th we were able to see the deep impact that one box of food leaves in the lives of hungry children. Rowland Carmichael along with several of our clients and family members volunteered at Feed My Starving Children, (“FMSC”). FMSC is a non-profit Christian organization, founded in 1987, dedicated to feeding God’s children in over 60 countries throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North, Central and South America. FMSC aspires to reach everyone until ALL are fed.

Our morning began with an introduction to the organization and their facility. Then we each chose the area where we wanted to work: the loading dock, making boxes and labels, filling food bags, or packing and sealing boxes. Working alongside so many volunteers and getting to know them was great fun and caused the morning to pass quickly. Many of the Rowland Carmichael staff volunteered to work in the assembly line helping fill MannaPacks. MannaPacks are packed with rice, soy, dried vegetables, vitamins and minerals. Once filled, we weighed, sealed and packed the bags into shipping boxes.

During the two hours Wednesday morning, we helped pack 186 boxes to be shipped to El Salvador. The MannaPacks will provide 40,176 meals for 110 children to have food for a year.

OmarBefore leaving FMSC, we were introduced to Omar, from El Salvador. Our speaker showed us a picture of Omar and asked us to guess how much he weighed. None of us were able to guess exactly. When Omar was brought to FMSC as an 8 year old, he weighed only 19 pounds. After 6 months of medical attention and MannaPacks, Omar began to transform into a healthy, growing, smiling little boy, and weighed 73 pounds.Omar after

At the very end, FMSC staff offered an invitation to join them in praying over the boxes we filled that morning. We were told that every box of food and pallet is prayed over before it leaves the FMSC warehouse. 93% of the food boxes reach their final destination. FMSC attributes the high delivery rate to prayer. Tim led the group in a prayer for provision of a successful delivery of the food boxes and visible results for the efforts of FMSC.

We are so grateful to the staff and volunteers at FMSC for all the work they do to serve hungry children around the world. We are very thankful for all our clients and family members who donated their time to volunteer with us at FMSC. Rowland Carmichael is planning to volunteer again this fall at FMSC – we hope you will be able to join us!