Feed My Starving Children “A Child’s Perspective”

By November 15, 2017News & Community

Volunteering and giving back both locally and around the globe has been a part of the Rowland Carmichael culture. Our last two volunteer events have been through the non-profit faith-based organization called Feed My Starving Children (FMSC). Every meal that goes out is hand-packed by volunteers and all meals are funded by donations.

Clients and family volunteered alongside us on Thursday, October 19th. One of those helpers included my daughter, Aven (6). While most volunteers helped pack bags with food ingredients or pack boxes with bags of food, Aven and I organized the labels for the meals. She was so excited for the opportunity to help kids around the world. When we arrived home, she told her mom that “every day we have off in the future, we should go back to FMSC to help little babies not be hungry.” She genuinely walked away from the experience with a new perspective, as did the rest of the group.

Afterwards, we were given stats of our hard work. We packed 128 boxes which provided 27,648 meals that will feed 75 kids for a year at the cost of $6,082.56. We look forward to our next volunteer event in the Spring of 2018.